You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.

What makes Hopscotch different than other networks?

Our network providers have the experience, training, passion, and expertise in working specifially with the child and adolescent population and are equipped to help children that are struggling with a variety of common childhood concerns and mental health conditions.

We empower our providers with the software, support, and tools to provide the best care possible. On our platform, providers have access to fun and compelling therapy games and activities to help keep kids engaged and involved in their own progress.

What are the benefits of joining the Hopscotch Provider Network?

Joining the Hopscotch Provider Network has a number of benefits. Firstly, it is absolutely free for you to join! Our goal is empower our providers through services that help you grow your practice and allow you to focus on providing the best care to your clients.

As a member of the network, we will take care of all the admin and billing work, credential you with national and regional plans, and list you on our provider directory so that your ideal clients can find you. You will also have access to our comprehensive platform which includes telehealth, scheduling, notes, and access to our library of therapy games and activities!

Members can also enjoy being a part of our provider community and accessing benefits such as continuing education trainings, professional development, and peer consultation.

What would my employment status be with Hopscotch?

As a Hopscotch Provider Network member, you are classified as an independent contractor and will receive 1099 tax documentation annually. As a network member, you will also have the autonomy to choose clients that you wish to add to your caseload and will maintain full control over your practice.

How much would I earn per session?

Hopscotch highly values our network providers, and we are determined to reimburse competitive rates that match the quality of behavioral health services that our providers render. These rates are subject to change annually as we renegotiate with our contracted insurance plans.

Our network providers will earn a fixed rate of reimbursement for each session administered to a client (regardless of the client asking for services via self-pay or insurance) determined by the type and length of session administered. Upon invitation to the network, providers will be notified of their exact reiumbursement rates.

How do I build my caseload through Hopscotch?

As a member of the Hopscotch Provider Network, you will be listed on our website provider directory where prospective clients can learn more about your services and the benefits of working with you. From there, they can request to meet with you and will provide you with more information about their child or teen's presenting concern. You maintain the right to either accept or decline each request that comes in.

We want to create the best match for our providers and clients and allow you to build your ideal caseload!

Am I able to add existing clients to the Hopscotch platform?

Yes! Our priority is to support your practice and allow you to spend more time delivering care to clients. The clients that are on your existing caseload or that you acquire through referrals outside of our directory, can be invited and added to the Hopscotch platform. These clients would need to be insured with one of our insurance partners and would have to approve their inclusion onto the Hopscotch platform.

Only clients added to the platform would be able to benefit from Hopscotch, including customer care support, appointment management, secure messaging, and access to interactive therapy content.

Is there a minimum client quota?

As a part of our network, you will always maintain flexibility and control of your schedule. We ask providers to have at least one active client through Hopscotch whether added from your caseload or accepted through our directory to support our mission of providing access to care. You are able to accept and add as many clients as your schedule allows. We’re truly here to support your practice and make life easier for you and your clients!

How can I get started?

To start, fill out our short interest form here. Our clinical team will review your information and contact you for an interview if it seems like you'll be a strong fit for our provider network. We'll provide you with the next steps if your are invited to join the network!